Coley Home is Made in America!

We are beyond lucky that our little corner of the world is renowned for furniture manufacturing. This 4th of July, we are especially grateful to have such a skilled team of artisans that handcraft each of our pieces right here in the USA. From product development to sewing and upholstery, our team pours years of dedicated experience into each of our pieces.

Furniture manufacturing has been a leading contender when it comes to North Carolina’s economy as far back as the seventeenth century. The surplus of wood from forests near the Piedmont area and easily accessible transportation allowed the industry to flourish. In the 1990’s, High Point, NC, was named “The Furniture Capital of the World,” and at one point the North Carolina furniture industry employed around 90,000 people.  

Due to the increase in overseas competitors in the late 1990s, many manufacturers throughout the US were forced to close. North Carolina still makes a great impact in the industry with around 52,400 furniture manufacturing employees. However, since majority of the manufacturing that once allowed small towns to flourish has now moved overseas, it is extremely important, now more than ever, to shop small and buy American-made!

Coley Home’s manufacturing process is different from many other brands: 

Lead Times 

Want designer quality custom furniture, but don’t want to wait weeks or even months for it to arrive? Our speedy production makes Coley Home stand out among the rest. Your order is ships to your door in just 10 days!


Each custom piece of furniture made by hand one at a time, ensuring a high quality outcome. Creating exemplary products is important to us. You'll have peace of mind knowing that every piece of furniture is handled with the finest care. 


Most furniture companies’ products go through several middlemen before they finally end up in your home, with lots of unnecessary markups along the way. Here at Coley Home, we strive to keep it as straightforward as possible. See below for how simple our process is!