Coley Home Spotlight: Colordrunk Design

Meet Jenna! Based in Atlanta, GA, she creates beautifully vibrant spaces! We love her fresh, joyful take on every room she designs. Read the blog to learn all about Jenna!

Tell us about yourself!

I am the founder of Colordrunk Designs. I live in Atlanta Ga with my husband and three kids

You were recently chosen to design the studio apartment in House Beautiful’s Whole Home! The design featured our Upholstered Ellington Chaise and Teeny Swivels in the living room in our fabulous Plush, Coral. Walk us through the design process!

When I first saw the space the rose gardens through the arched windows became an obvious muse for the transformation of this project. It isn’t a big space so I used custom sisal rugs to strategically anchor three distinct zones within the long and narrow space.

The first area was the dining and the Teeny Swivels with a small footprint were the perfect scale. I knew I wanted color and pattern and a punch of fun. They can pull out when in use and scoot in real close to allow for walkways around both sides of the table.

The Teeny Swivel, Featured here in Plush, Coral with Simply White Base

I wanted to create the next two areas to be a sitting space and enjoy the fireplace. Then the next one would be to enjoy the rose garden views since I had to put the sofa against the window in the fireplace sitting area. I envision the Ellington Chaise to be a place to read a book, do some work on a laptop or even take a nap. It was made for this exact space!

The Upholstered Ellington Chaise, Featured here in Plush, Coral with Simply White Legs

As evidenced by the name of your design firm, you are an absolute lover of bright color! What are some of your favorite ways to bring unexpected color into rooms needing a boost?

My favorite way to bring in unexpected pops of color is with textiles- throw pillows or art can add a lot of fun to even a space with neutral walls.

Any tips or tricks for creating a large impact in a room on a smaller budget?

Use bold colored or printed pieces of furniture. This is where you should invest.

Favorite places to save, and favorite places to splurge when it comes to interiors?

I would always tell you to invest in your furniture pieces because these are what are used and need to be durable and last the longest. Invest in custom drapery bc you cannot beat the look and feel they create. Save on accessories - go to smaller thrift shops or fun stores.

Favorite paint color at the moment? 

Arsenic by Farrow and Ball

Any resolutions for the New Year?

Personal: I am about to turn 40 and need to get my skin in check 

Work: I launched a new fabric line, tipsi. I hope to launch more products and really get it out in the world in 2024

Favorite coffee table book?

Modern Mix by Eddie Ross

Dream Travel Destination?

Fiji. Anywhere with sand, pretty water, and pink drinks.