Coley Home Spotlight: Liz Damrich

Meet Liz! Creative Director and Interior Designer, Liz curates the most inspiring spaces. Read on to learn all about Liz and her incredible taste!

Tell us a little about yourself and your design style!

I’m a creative director, designer and mom of two living in a historic home on the gulf coast. My style aims to have a balance of historic sophistication and elegance with a bit of childlike whimsy thrown into the mix.

You recently added the Slipcovered Bradley Bumper Chaise Sectional to your family room. Give us a little background on the room, and walk us through your design process!

We live in a historic greek revival style home and this is a drawing room on the back of the house. It was initially used as a dining room, so there are beautiful moldings and details, but the space is really long and not symmetrical. I wanted an exceptionally long sofa with clean lines that could anchor the space and provide a slightly contemporary touch against the historic bones. The Bradley Bumper Chaise Sectional was so perfect for this. We use this room at night mostly to be cozy, watch movies, have a cocktail and read.

You are a pro at making neutral spaces feel warm and inviting. What are some of your favorite ways to create a fresh space that doesn’t look stark?

I love layering different textures and having more tonal colors instead of stark contrast. If you have a linen sofa, then using nubby textured pillows along with silk pillows creates dimension and interest. I also think ambient lighting is key to making things feel cozy. I usually try to have light sources at different heights - sconces, lamps, picture lights, tucked away uplighting from the floor behind a sofa, etc. 

Your little ones are so precious – any tips on designing rooms that are both beautiful and suitable for families?

There are so many opinions on this! For me, I use performance fabric wherever possible on upholstery. Coley Home has so many good options that it’s a no brainer! I also think it’s smart to invest in beautiful lighting, mirrors and art that can hang on a wall and not be touched by their tiny hands. I also have made a conscious decision to remember that things aren’t going to remain perfect with small children and that’s ok. I’d rather them grow up in a beautiful space and learn how to take care of things. I love beautiful objects and white fabric too much to wait on them to grow up! 

Not only are your interiors inspiring, but your taste in fashion is to die for! And we hear you have a collection coming out later this year – anything you can tell us about it?

Thank you! A clothing collection has always been a dream of mine so I was so happy to team up with Antonio Melani and Dillard’s for this collaboration. It’s a collection of items that I’ve always wanted in my closet personally and hope that you will reach for the pieces over and over again. The collection is set to launch in August of this year!

Go-to places to find design inspiration?

Historic neighborhoods and cities. I love examining all of the details.

Favorite coffee table book at the moment?

Favorite wall paint color at the moment?

Dimity by Farrow & Ball

Dream travel destination?

Favorite book or TV show at the moment?