Coley Home Spotlight: MaryRalph Bradley

Meet MaryRalph! Based in Malibu, California, MaryRalph is co-founder of the fabulous lifestyle brand, Daily Drills! MaryRalph is the pinnacle of effortlessly chic style and we love her positive energy! Read on to learn all about MaryRalph, how she's styled her beautiful home, and more!

Tell us about yourself!

 My name is MaryRalph Bradley, originally from Austin, TX, currently living in Los Angeles with my husband Houston! I’m the co-founder and Creative Director of Daily Drills, a lifestyle brand that I run alongside my best friend. Outside of work, you can find me on long walks alongside the Palisades Bluffs, taking a cold plunge in the ocean, sipping on an Aperol Spritz, or laying low with friends and family.

How would you describe your interior design style?

I would say my style is coastal meets classic! My mom, Missy Lawson, is an interior designer so she has been my biggest influence when it comes to my taste in interiors! I loved growing up in the south, with the traditional architecture and styling.

 Now I live in Los Angeles, and I love the easy laid back casual beachy lifestyle southern California gives. I feel like my personal interior design style is a combination of these two worlds, so to me it's very "Home-y."

You recently styled the Parker Dining Bundle in your new dining room. Walk us through the design process!

I knew I wanted to refresh my dining room and add a bit of warmth and texture into the space. My previous chairs were a bit cold and I wanted something upholstered and simple.

I love the classic elements an upholstered chair brings, and the coastal feel from the light linen fabric, so it seemed to be the perfect chair for my dining room! I love the effortless look of the chairs and the inviting conversational feeling they give by being armless.

Not only do we love your breezy taste in interiors, we live for your OOTD’s! Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

I feel like I have a very defined personal style, so it bleeds into my clothing and my home. I always laugh that I am “matching my house” -- I love a mix of classic and coastal in my wardrobe, too, so we are always matchy-matchy!

Some of my current favorite places to shop are Daily Drills (My Brand), Jenni Kayne for cardigans, Doen for easy breezy pieces, ALV jewels for easy accessories, NAKD/Zara/Mango for trendy items, Sir the Label for Aussie staples, American Vintage for Knits, and Timeless Pearly for statement jewelry. 

Who/what are your main sources of inspiration?

My mom is one of my biggest sources of Inspiration! I love her effortless and true-to-herself style she has always had. She is always classic, always cool, and always dressed! She has taught me everything I know!

I also love getting inspiration from my own surroundings -- the wildflowers that grow in Southern California inspire my dinner party floral arrangement… the weather in LA inspires my pant selection for that day… the window display I passed on my morning walk inspires the idea for an art piece in my house… and the TikTok I just hearted inspires my dinner menu for the night! I’m constantly influenced by all of the little things throughout my day -- if you look for inspo, you’ll find it! 

Tell us all about Daily Drills! What’s your favorite piece that has dropped recently?

Daily Drills (my brand!) is LA-based lifestyle brand designed to make getting dressed fun. In 2020, my best friend Kennedy Crichlow (Kenn) and I spotted a niche in the ever-growing leisure industry and set out to create clothes that do the work for you. From cozy loungewear to stylish workout gear and vacation-ready resort wear, Daily Drills has something for every occasion.

Soon after selling out our first collection, Kenn and I quit our social media and marketing jobs to give our constantly growing social media audience what they wanted. What started as cardboard boxes of inventory stacked on my apartment balcony has grown into the easy-to-love, exciting-to-style, 7-figure apparel destination that is Daily Drills.

You recently got married! If you had one piece of advice for future brides, what would it be?

!!! It was the happiest day ever !!! I would say make it authentically YOU! Do things that make you happy that day, like a morning walk or your favorite lunch! If you hate getting ready for hours, don’t. If you love your hair waved, wave it! The whole day, not just the night, is supposed to be the best, so design your own perfect day.

Favorite summertime cocktail?

An Aperol Spritz…. CHEERS!

Summer plans you’re most excited about?

I have lots of fun weekends and trips ahead! I’ll be home for the 4th, because we love a Texas July 4th party, then am off to some weddings and parties for a few of our favorite people, heading back to Italy *and hopefully Paris* and will top it all off with a secret destination for my sister's bachelorette party!

Favorite coffee table book at the moment?

Love Surfing by . It was actually my Guest book at my wedding! We had all of our guests sign inside and now we have it sitting on our coffee table and love flipping through it for encouraging messages from all of our loved ones.

Favorite book or TV show at the moment?

Bob Goff Love Does is my fav book at the moment, and of all time !!!