Coley Home Spotlight: Nichole Blough & Spoonflower Showroom

Meet Nichole! Based in Raleigh, NC, Nichole recently designed the new Spoonflower Showroom with Coley Home pieces. We love how this space came together with the beautiful fabrics she chose from Spoonflower. Read on to learn all about Nichole and Spoonflower!

You were tapped to design the Spoonflower showroom in their corporate office, and used Spoonflower’s vibrant, colorful fabrics on several of Coley Home’s pieces. What were some of your main sources of inspiration for the showroom?

I love sourcing from Spoonflower- it’s a designer’s dream. Anything you can imagine; you can pretty much find. Every design process looks a little different, and in this case, I began by looking through Spoonflower patterns to see what inspired me in their Marketplace.

 I started with probably 100 prints, that I loved in a collection, and slowly narrowed it down based on the space. For the dining room, I wanted it to be bold but classic. Something that was true to both Spoonflower's roots and my design style.

What drew you to use Coley Home pieces for the space? Walk us through the design process!

Coley Home is always a go-to for me, as a designer. I love the variety of shapes and sizes- and swivel chairs are such a staple in my designs- Coley Home has the best swivel chairs. The fact that Coley Home is local to NC, easily customizable and fast shipping- all also played a big part in our decision to incorporate Coley Home pieces in the design.

The Spoonflower Showroom has no shortage of color and pattern! Any strategies for creating coherent spaces while mixing colors and prints? Don’t think too much about it! Pattern mixing is one of my favorite things to do as a designer- it keeps things interesting. My rule of thumb generally is to try to incorporate a small and large pattern – I love (too much) a good pinstripe and block print.

If you had to choose a star of the showroom, which Spoonflower print/Coley Home piece would you pick?

What comes to mind first are the dining chairs- I had so many compliments on them. The fabric design by Spoonflower Artist Danika Herrick pattern reads really well with the lines and shape of the chairs. They are also unique for dining chairs- something you don’t see every day.

Compared to your typical residential projects, how did you approach this project differently?

Honestly it was a dream project! Endless fabric, wallpaper and print options and a team behind you that understands good design (and what all goes into good design). I would do it all day every day! The Spoonflower team was wonderful to work with.

How do you think this amazing new showroom will change the experience for Spoonflower’s local customers?

It gives Spoonflower customers a firsthand look at how products can be applied in real life- which they otherwise might not be able to experience or see. When I look at Spoonflower, I often think of bright/fun patterns that might be used more playfully, but this project really shows sophisticated Spoonflower products truly are.

Favorite coffee table book?

Modern Mix by Eddie Ross

Favorite wall paint color at the moment?

SW Green Sprout

TV show you are watching or book you are reading?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dream travel destination?