Coley Home Spotlight: Sarah Tucker

Meet Sarah! Based in Palmetto, Florida, Sarah is an expert on style and travel - and we can't get enough! Read on to learn all about Sarah, how she's styled her incredible home, and more! 

Tell us about yourself!

I'm a lifestyle and travel content creator out of Palmetto, Florida. While I love to travel, I also believe there's no place like home.

You recently added the Bradley Return Loveseat Sectional in Ringo, Bay to your home. Walk us through the design process of the room!

Our home was built in 1924, but our playroom was an addition added in the 70s. It lacked the charm of the rest of the house. People usually enter through the playroom too, so it was unfortunately the first impression. In 2019 we ripped out the paneled walls, had the old windows replaced, put french doors where a fireplace was, and had old cabinets removed where we replaced them with benches that open up to store toys. It has been a project! Honestly, it was great for the time of having a baby and a toddler. We had old leather couches in there that we never felt was all that comfortable. And I don't think it ever truly fit our aesthetic! 

 Our kids are now 8 and 10, and are into all of the sports. This room used to be covered in toys, and now we gravitate toward board games and tv shows. I wanted to give us all a space that was comfortable, classic, and perfect for hosting friends. Having purchased Coley Home in the past, I knew the quality was going to be amazing. I knew it could hold up to my kids and all of their friends, and our Boston Terrier. I love that the Bradley Return Loveseat Sectional is one of the first things you see now when you walk into our home. It's proven to be so cozy!

Your home is absolutely beautiful, and we loved reading all about it in Southern Living this Spring. If you could give one piece of advice for moving into a historic home, what would it be?

Thank you!! Have patience, make sure you really love it, and don't mind a project!

We love seeing glimpses of your sister, Molly Boyd, on your Instagram and your stylish collaborations! What are some of your favorite parts about working with your sister? 

 I have so many! For one, we are always having fun! Family is such a big part of our life, and getting to work together is a dream. Molly has always had an incredible eye for style, and ability to execute it. I'm amazed by her thoughtfulness in design and in life in general. I love seeing her shine, and I love how she calls me her Kris Jenner. Haha!

Favorite summer recipe:

Go-to places to find design inspiration?

Instagram has so many favorites - Renee Cusano, Haverhill Home, Haven Sent, are just a few.

I also love artists like Riley Sheehey, Teil Duncan, and Lulie Wallace.

 Bunny Mellon, James Farmer, and Mark D. Sikes are all incredible sources for design inspiration

Favorite coffee table book at the moment?

Dream travel destination?

Favorite book or TV show at the moment?

Can't get enough of Ted Lasso