Coley Home Spotlight: Nat Note – A Fashion Newsletter

Meet Natalie! Based in Houston, TX, she is the incredibly stylish mastermind behind our favorite newsletter, "The Nat Note." Read to learn all about Natalie!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a creative consultant and the creator of The Nat Note, a fashion newsletter delivering curated shopping suggestions for women, children and the home in my signature collages - the “Notes”. What began as a creative outlet for me when I began practicing law in 2016 is now a coveted newsletter with loyal subscribers - and my fresh, bold style acts as a filter for the finds I share each week. I'm a Cuban-American, Miami, Florida native living in Houston, Texas with my husband Jamey and our sons, Whit (3) and George (10 months).

When your newsletter hits our inboxes on Monday morning, we can’t help but stop and shop. Give us a little history of the Nat Note and how it came about!

Thank you! The Nat Note started in 2017 – I was a few months into my corporate law job and found myself awake and waiting for emails at strange hours, with not much else to do but online shop. I was sending a lot of “you should buy this” messages to family and friends, and eventually channeled this late-night, deep-diving, compulsive-shopping energy into what it is now: a newsletter to share the products and brands that catch my eye each week.

How would you describe your style? Where do you attribute most of your style influences?

I would describe my style as a bit of an oxymoron: classic yet funky. I play for the maximalist team and gravitate towards bold colors and prints but also try to stick with pieces that will stand the test of time (and am partial to those that already have - i.e., vintage). I prefer to fill my home and closet with pieces that I find interesting and meaningful in order to create a wardrobe and spaces that (over time) tell a story and are layered with personal touches.

It’s no secret that you have flawless taste in fashion, but your knack for colorful interiors is equally inspiring! The snippets we’ve seen of your new home have us just swooning. Where did you and your designer, Lila Malone, find inspiration?

Everywhere! We shared so many images over texts and DMs and shared albums that it was hard to keep track of it all. Our shared love of color and striking interiors resulted in an exciting, collaborative energy that made the entire process so much fun. Instagram is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration and my screenshots were usually our starting point; from there I handed the reigns over to Lila and let her expertise execute. She was instrumental in finding ways to use or update what we already had in order to determine what new pieces we needed so that my vision for our new home could be realized.

You picked out the Teeny Swivel for your new home office. Walk us through the design process of this chic room!

Getting to design my own home office with our recent move after only knowing my corporate law firm office felt akin to getting to wear whatever I wanted to class when I got to college after only knowing my catholic school uniform [that resembled a USPS uniform, might I add] : no more rules, baby. In both instances I ran wild.

We started with the Holly Coulis piece and the Ottoline Tulips of Belgravia wallpaper for the accent wall - from there, Lila picked the perfect shade of green paint (Broccoflower!). I scored the Italian mid-century bar cabinet on an online auction - the right side is mirrored and has a built-in light, which feels very Mad Men meets Miami (aka, moi).

The Teeny Swivel Chair in Italian Blend, Lemongrass with the Plush, Coral piping was just what the room needed to really get the party started. The fun colors play off the wallpaper and the stylish shape is the perfect compliment to the all-work-and-all-play vibes going on in there.

Favorite paint color and/or wallpaper that you used in your new home?

Our living room is painted in Milkshake by Benjamin Moore - it’s the perfect shade of a light beige-y pink that resembles the inside of a seashell. We opted for a high gloss finish, which makes everyone look their best while triggering a subconscious desire for a cocktail.

Dream travel destination?

The Marbella Beach Club currently sits at the top of my bucket list.

You love a good themed dinner party. What is a theme you’re dreaming of for your next soirée?

I saw this photo recently and it hasn’t left my mind. I would love to throw a “70 in 1970: South Beach” themed party. The key here would be to hire a caricature artist to draw each guest during dinner – a memento of the night everyone gets to take home with them.

 Go-to cocktail recipe?

My brother-in-law’s martini is my favorite of all time:  

 Will’s Martini  


 Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. Add enough gin to reach over half of the shaker and top with a cap of vermouth (following the 1 cap = 2 martini ratio) 

Shake very hard (broken off ice chips make for a colder martini)  

Add desired amount of olive juice to bottom of martini glass (smaller glass makes for a colder martini)  

Strain cocktail shaker over the olive juice and garnish with an olive.

Favorite coffee table book at the moment?

Will take this opportunity to gush on A Loving Table, not just because I was lucky enough to be included in it 😉, but also because my Coley Home napkins are featured as well! The book showcases tablescapes and entertaining styles inspired by family traditions; my chapter is about my Cuban heritage and my Coley napkins embroidered with a palm tree and “Los Steens” are (in my unbiased opinion) not to be missed. 

TV Show you are binging?

Anatomy of a Scandal! I’m ready to get a heart tattoo with Sienna Miller’s name in it.

3 favorite people to follow on Instagram?