Get to Know Our Upholstery Styles

Explore our collection featuring three distinct upholstery styles, so you select the perfect piece for your home. Get to know the differences between our Dressmaker, Slipcovered, and fully Upholstered pieces, and start designing your own!


The Dressmaker Camden Dining Chair

The Dressmaker style is the newest addition to our collection, and we love the traditional, elegant feel of these pieces! The furniture is fully upholstered at the top of the piece, and the fabric flows into a pleated skirt.

These pieces allow for a contrast welt and contrast trim & band options. Fabrics are more limited for dressmaker pieces, as you can’t use velvets or mohairs on these pieces.

Some of our favorite pieces:


Elevate your space with our fully Upholstered furniture! These are the ultimate choice for a sleek, sophisticated look. The fabric is directly applied to the frame, creating a polished and refined piece.

From luxurious textures to fabulous prints, our Upholstered pieces are available in every fabric in our collection! Add a contrast welt or contrast outback to these pieces for even more customization options.

We especially love these:


Slipcovered pieces create casual and breezy spaces that are sure to be loved by everyone in your home! Our slipcovers can be removed easily, allowing for easy cleaning or design changes. Each of our slipcovered pieces feature unique details like sleek lines, subtle pleat, or even showing part of the wood base.

For well-loved spaces, we recommend purchasing an extra slipcover to prolong the life of your piece. Fabrics are more limited for slipcovered pieces, as you can’t use velvets or mohairs on these pieces. Contrast welt and other customization options are not available for slipcovered pieces.

You can instantly refresh your piece or even completely redesign your space by purchasing slipcovers separately! You can even change the look of an upholstered piece by layering a slipcover over your existing upholstered piece. Please note: this option is only available for our Slipcovered/Upholstered pieces.

Extra Slipcovers

Here are our most popular styles: