How to Mix Patterns, Color and Texture in Your Home

Looking for a lively way to incorporate pattern, color, and maybe even texture in your home but don’t want to go overboard? Here are a few tips to help you leave those fears in the past. Keep on reading to see how to use Coley Home's fabrics to maximize your space!

Mixing Patterns with Colors: Many people tend to be hesitant when it comes to decorating with patterns. They are afraid it will be too much and aren’t sure where to begin. do you mix colors and patterns? 

 The answer is simple: choose your colors and start from there. We love to stick with the 60-30-10 rule, which consists of using 60% your primary color, 30% your secondary color, and 10% an accent color.  

 When choosing your colors, a color wheel is key for determining your undertones and coordinating pigments. You might be surprised what looks good together! Below are a few of our favorite unexpected patterned and solid fabric combinations here at Coley Home.

Bloom, Jade and Italian Blend, Grape:

Bloom, Jade has quickly become one of our most popular patterned fabrics and for a great reason. This beautiful, traditional print is ideal when it comes to incorporating new colors. We love it paired with our Italian Blend, Grape, which is a gorgeous, vibrant purple.  

 What we use it for: The timeless Bloom, Jade with Italian Blend, Grape piping would produce a stunning Crown Bed for any room in your home.

Safari, Khaki and Como, Rockstar:  

We have always enjoyed playing around with Safari, Khaki to see what exciting combinations we could come up with! We adore it with Como, Rockstar. These two together are a wonderful way to incorporate a bright color and fun pattern into a room. 

What we use it for: This vivacious duo would work perfectly for a mountain lodge or a little boy’s room. Safari, Khaki with Como, Rockstar piping would look great as a Teeny Swivel or Teeny Dining Chair paired with the Porter Side Table upholstered in our new Puddle Proof, Dove fabric.  

Bungalow, Marine and Italian Blend, Navy:

Looking for the perfect mix of a stimulating pattern with a rich solid? Bungalow, Marine and Italian Blend, Navy are exactly that. These two fabrics create a fabulous statement piece in any room.  

 What we use it for: If you’re looking to amplify your dining area, a Teeny Dining Chair in Bungalow, Marine with Italian Blend, Navy piping is the way to go! This pair would also do well as decorative pillows, which you can design in our pillow shop.

Bamboo, Red Rocks and Italian Blend, Caribbean Blue:

Trying to incorporate a subtle pattern in your home? This bright and lively combo is the best way to do so. While Bamboo, Red Rocks has a pattern, it is easily balanced out with the red and blue tones found in these fabrics! 

What we use it for: Bamboo, Red Rocks with Italian Blend, Caribbean Blue piping is a great combination for a Crown Headboard or Teeny Swivel in a child’s bedroom. 

Color and Texture: While mixing colors and textures might not seem like such a daunting task, it can still be challenging. So now we are here to answer the question, how do you mix color and texture fabrics? 

Our favorite way to make sure we are mixing the right colors and textures is by pairing them within the same color family! We have a variety of different types of fabric, which allows us to be creative when combining different textures.  

Como, Blush and Raffia, Bashful:

Looking for a combination that is soft and sweet? These two fabrics are just what you need. Pairing our cozy Como, Blush with our durable Raffia, Bashful creates the perfect balance of texture for any space. 

What we use it for: This chic duo works well as a Porter Side Table, Teeny Dining or Teeny Swivel Chair. It would be ideal in an office space or little girl’s room.

Como, Kelly Green and Luxe Velvet, Olive:

Green has been such a popular trend throughout 2021! Our Como, Kelly Green mixed with our Luxe Velvet, Olive is an easy way to keep your home up to date and in style. 

 What we use it for: This combination creates an instant elegant feel when styled on our Crown Headboard. It also is fabulous when put together on a Teeny Dining Chair in a home office. In reality, it looks great when paired together on any furniture!

Belgian Linen, Oatmeal and Luxe Velvet, Sand:

You can never go wrong with mixing textures in neutral colors. That is what makes this combination so fantastic! Piping Belgian Linen, Oatmeal with Luxe Velvet, Sand is a great way to add extra zest to these sweet, neutral tones. 

 What we use it for: It has never been easier to style a space than with this duo! It’s optimal for neutral bedrooms as a Crown Bed or for Teeny Dining Chairs in a breakfast nook. 

Italian Blend, Navy and Raffia, Navy:

Looking for that perfect, dark neutral for your home? Look no further! Raffia, Navy with Italian Blend, Navy piping is your solution. This durable, upholstered duo is unmatched when it comes to decorating any space. 

 What we use it for: This combination makes a beautiful Porter Side Table. It also does well as Teeny Swivel or Teeny Dining Chairs! You could even use this mix when creating a Lil Ottoman for your bathroom. The durability of the Raffia fabric is great for spills that can happen in your home.