How to Style our Teeny Swivel Chairs

You have come to know and love our Teeny Swivel Chair, but now it is time to introduce you to our Teeny Dining Swivel Chair! By popular demand, Teeny Dining was specially created for the dining room or office. Now let’s explore how you can style these upholstered chairs in your own home!

The main element that makes these upholstered chairs so popular is how customizable they are. For both Teeny Swivel and Teeny Dining, you get to choose the main fabric, contrast piping fabric, and outback fabric. With over 50 fabrics to choose from, it is fail proof that the Teeny can be the perfect touch in your favorite room.

The Teeny Swivel is a great way to give a personalized touch to any room, and it is so versatile! Whether you want to use it for your little one’s bedroom or as an accent piece in your living area, there is nothing like this unique chair to spruce up a space.

Kids Desk

The Teeny Swivel is the perfect match to our Porter Side Table. These two can make an ideal desk for your child’s room! Whether you want to use this pair as both a bedside table and desk or just a desk on its own, it is excellent for adding a pop of color or pattern in your little one’s room. 

Accent Chair

One of the most fun parts of decorating a room is adding accent pieces that make your room pop! With hundreds of design combinations, the Teeny Swivel is great for adding pizzazz to your living room furniture or den. Plus, it provides a comfortable and chic extra seat when guests are over!

Dining Room

Looking to wine and dine in style? Well the Teeny Dining chair is available in 50+ fabrics, making the best option to personalize your space to entertain your guests. Still trying to add a little more excitement to your dining area? Head over to our napkin shop. There are so many different options to choose from!

Breakfast Room

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you want it to be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed! Teeny Dining is an amazing way to have that homey feeling as you cook for yourself or anyone else. These upholstered chairs are ideal for a breakfast nook or bistro table. We have it paired with our Hair on Hide Upholstered Cube for an effortless look at this breakfast table.

Desk Chair

Teeny Dining is not only for your cooking or entertaining areas, but it can be a great desk chair as well! It is fantastic for making your office a little more fun, especially when working from home.