How to Style the Porter Side Table

Looking for ways to amp up your home, but don’t want to completely redecorate a room? Our upholstered Porter Side Table is exactly what you are looking for! It is the perfect addition to any space. This versatile table is an easy way to add a pop of color or a fun pattern to your favorite living area. It comes in three different sizes and is available in more than 50 fabrics, allowing you to create a side table that perfectly matches your taste. Here are our favorite ways to put it to use!

Bedside Table

Nothing is worse than clutter from all of the wires and cords at your bedside table from either your phone charger, lamp cords, or computer chargers. The Porter Side Table’s sleek and streamlined design hides all of your cords with its solid back. 

Petitie Desk

Tired of your typical, bulky work desk? The Porter Side Table is a stylish alternative when paired with our Teeny Swivel Chair! This duo is great for sitting down to write a quick thank you note, or it can also be used as a quaint reading spot in a kid’s room.


Grab a pretty tray and beautifully display your glassware and spirit bottles! This setup is ideal for small apartment living with The Cube in our Bamboo, Red Rocks slipcover. Our beautiful Raffia fabrics are an excellent choice for this upholstered table because of its easy to clean and durable characteristics. 

Decorative Accent Piece

Have a corner in your room that is just totally boring? Instantly enhance a dull space by adding a colorful Porter Side Table to create visual interest. Accessorize with a stack of coffee table books, a vase of flowers, picture frames, and candles! Pairing it with The Cube is a great way to add an extra stylish touch to any room.