Living Room Layout

Your living room gives reason to all of life's little moments. From opening presents on Christmas morning, hosting friends and family, or simply relaxing after a long day, your living room furniture should exude nothing but comfort and style. Our collection of interchangeable furniture styles and fabrics offer endless inspiration for any living room!

Clean and Simple

For days when the kitchen is a mess and the kids have yet to tidy up their bedrooms, The Dibs Chair makes for a stylish spot to sit and unwind! Dress it in Boucle, Cream to elevate that cozy, plush look. 


Looking for a fun accent chair to spruce up the place? Our Bungalow, Marine fabric adds a brilliant pop of color to any room. This spirited fabric pairs perfectly with the ever so chic Milla Swivel!

A modern twist on a traditional look!

Whether your leaning towards calming neutrals or eye-catching colors, the key to a transitional living room is finding a wow factor to complement your beautiful, classic pieces! Check out some of these four living room styles looks that we are currently loving!







Need more inspo?

Creating a space for entertainment and intimacy can be hard. Here are a few tips that we use to create the perfect living room!


1. Scale your furniture to the size of the room! Considering proportion and size is essential to a functional living space. 

2. Warm and welcoming! Layer the space with cozy accents like rugs, pillows, and blankets to add a homey feel. Check out our pillow shop!

3. Accessorize! Grab a stack of coffee table books or a bold, abstract painting to complement your beautiful living room furniture.