New Fabrics

With styles and trends constantly changing, Coley Home works hard to keep our customers engaged and inspired. Our hope is to provide a library of transitional and diverse fabrics that are suited for any occasion! This past fall, we launched nine new fabrics that are bursting with lively color and plush texture. 

Swiss, White

Our Swiss, White fabric has quickly become a Coley Home favorite! The icy, chenille texture adds a unique touch and is the perfect way to dress up any piece. 

With an elegant body and congenial mechanism, the already show-stopping Milla Swivel is immediately elevated by the luxurious textures of Swiss, White. Paired with a Reynolds, Pewter welt, this gorgeous chair is sure to be a mainstay in your home!

Emmy, Fuchsia

Our new Biggie Swivel is the larger version of the ever so loved Teeny Swivel. With a modern silhouette, this chair is great for maximizing seating in small spaces. Add a contrast outback and piping for a subtle bespoke detail.

For your pieces that need a pop of color, this wool-blend fabric adds a vibrant flare to any room. Emmy, Fuchsia is packed with personality and introduces a beaming accent to your most loved pieces.

Reynolds, Lime

The perfect shade of green! This lovely linen fabric is just as beautiful as it is convenient. Not only is it easy to clean, Reynolds, Lime introduces lively tones and lays nicely on any slipcovered piece.

   The Mia Counter Stool is both casual and inviting! Wrapped in the charming Reynolds, Lime, this functional chair sports contemporary curved legs and gives your kitchen and bar a punch of high design!

Reynolds, Pewter

Our new Ellington Sofa is sure to be a stately spot in your home. Elevated by Reynolds, Pewter, the refined lines of this curved sofa exude a comfortable, welcoming feel. And the best part is, it comes upholstered and slipcovered!

Our Reynolds, Pewter fabric is no second when it comes to style. This classy linen fabric boasts a clean, neutral look and is great for your opportune pieces. 

Mohair, Herb

We are loving this deep olive green that looks incredible on any of our upholstered pieces. Notable for its subtle luster and gorgeous texture, this luxurious Mohair fabric is just as plush as it is durable. 

  The new Toddy Swivel wouldn't be complete without a Mohair outfit. This rounded chair presents style and satisfaction while creating an embracing spot to curl up in! 

Abbott, White

Our performance fabrics have always been a fan favorite and our new Abbott, White is no exception! With a fresh white look, this classy fabric is both long-lasting and stain resistant.

Mohair, Mink

Dress to impress! The ritsy color of Mohair, Mink emits a timeless, elegant look and provides whimsical comfort.

Beckett, Flax

Our new go to, Beckett, Flax! This resilient fabric exudes a cozy, casual feel that is crafted to withstand years of love in your home.  

Beckett, Snow

Our Beckett fabrics are designed with stain and odor resistant technology. This tweed fabric creates a calming, neutral appearance to any piece!

We're not done yet! 

Our new Lizzy and Larson prints have just hit the website and we cannot wait to see them in action. With a cotton-linen base, these transitional prints pack a punch of bold color and unique design.