Our New Puddle Proof, Dove is Here!

Wanting crisp, white furniture without the worry of it being ruined? Our new Puddle Proof, Dove fabric is just what you need! This performance fabric is made from 100% cotton and can withstand spills, messy hands and paw prints that your furniture might endure.

We put it to the test ourselves, pouring water on an upholstered Nash Swivel in Puddle Proof, Dove. Like magic, it just wiped right off without leaving any trace that it had ever been there. 

This fabric is beneficial to any household because of its durability. Whether you have messy children, a mischievous pet or you love to entertain guests, Puddle Proof, Dove is a reliable fabric made to stay clean for your enjoyment. Puddle Proof, Dove is available on all of our furniture pieces!