Social Sofas

When it comes to designing the common areas in your home, there are several things to consider. From intimate movie nights with the family to casual entertaining with friends and neighbors, your main living spaces should be just as convenient as they are comfortable.

This holiday season, we want to make sure that your home is ready to accommodate any festivities that may come your way. It’s no secret that buying a sectional or sofa is a big investment. Keep reading to get a glimpse of why we think it's the perfect holiday purchase.

Transitional Pieces 

What do we love about these transitional pieces? Our made-to-order sofas and sectionals are built to withstand the love in your home for years to come. Acting as a comforting mainstay in your home, these opportune pieces will grow with your design style and can be transitioned into new spaces when the time comes!  

 Coley Home has made it our mission to produce beautiful custom furniture that will stand the test of time. To ensure this, our sustainable sofas and sectionals are handcrafted with durable, high-quality materials. Not to mention, they are the perfect focal point for guests and gatherings!


The Upholstered Logan Sofa in Ringo, Bay

The Upholstered Bradley Bumper Chaise Sectional in Luxe Velvet, Olive. 

Tis The Season 

Despite our best efforts to avoid it, the holidays are often accompanied by stressful planning and last minute shopping. This Friday, November 11, is the last day to purchase any of our six week items to ensure that they arrive before Christmas gatherings. What better way to celebrate with friends and family than by gathering around a cozy sectional for old movies and story-telling!

 Bringing in a sectional as the focal point of your space will generate an intimate, friendly appeal. Because of the size and the amount of seating it provides, sectionals tend to exude an inviting feel and will offer a sense of comfort and relaxation. Complemented by an accent chair or petite ottoman, your living room will quickly become a favorite spot for both you and your guests! 


The Upholstered Bradley Return Loveseat Sectional in Nomad, Snow

Double Trouble 

When congregating for casual dinners and holiday parties, it's important that your visitors have a restful place to converse. If you’re hesitant about purchasing a sectional, pairing two sofas is a great way to incite easy conversation amongst the room. This allows your guests to sit across from each other while sharing countless laughs and stories! 

 Placing two sofas across from each other is the perfect way to create immediate airiness throughout the room. Not only is it easy to navigate around a coffee table or ottoman, this layout offers more visibility of the gorgeous room that you’ve designed! 

The cutest couple! Our Upholstered Logan Sofa pairs perfectly with our Slipcovered Bradley Sofa, both dressed in Amherst, Pearl. 

The Chaise 

Another great way to provide visuality throughout the room, is bringing in a sectional that includes a chaise. Not only does this emit a 'homey' feel, it also creates a consistent flow in your space. Keeping visibility and access to tables and lamps, this option is great for gatherings!  

Finding the right sectional can be difficult and our chaise sectionals are the perfect destination spot for you and your guests.

The Upholstered Cab Chaise Sectional in Rattan, Chambray

Don't Forget! 

 Friday, November 11, is the last day to order six week pieces before Christmas. 

Make sure your home is equipped for holiday parties and festivities!