Scheme of the Week: Bunk Up

More often than not, twin beds inherent a juvenile, callow feel. Although twin beds are perfect for big kid rooms, we’re here to tell you that they are not limited to a youthful crowd. From guest rooms to vacation homes, twin beds are not only great for extra sleep space but they are also beyond charming!  

This week, we wanted to create a sophisticated twin bedroom using our new fabric, Bloom, Sky Blue. The best way to achieve this classic, yet coeval look is through mixing traditional patterns with novel, modern accessories. With subdued hues of teal blue and rich tones of chocolate brown, your guests will be calling dibs on this twin room!

The Crown Bed

Looking for convenience and comfort? With easy assembly and 10 day shipping, our Crown Bed features a 100% foam slipcovered headboard and fully upholstered platform bed frame. To personalize the style of your space, this made-to-order bed is completely customizable!

For this scheme, we chose the Henry headboard in Luxe Velvet, Sand. With a ritzy, velvet texture and weathered oak legs, this twin bed emphasizes the mature mood of this room! PS - our Twins are extra long, making them comfortable for all ages!

The Harper Bench 

Tired of the bulky storage bench that sticks out far beyond the end of your bed? This functional Harper Bench includes a durable foam base and can be slipcovered or upholstered.  

This twin size bedroom bench was the perfect way to debut our new Bloom, Sky Blue fabric. Functional and stylish, this little seat pairs perfectly with our Crown Bed!

The Eloise Swivel 

Our Eloise Swivel quickly became a CH favorite after our newest fall launch. This upholstered swivel chair in Luxe Velvet, Mushroom shows a deep appreciation for elegance and style! 

Add a Ringo, Pewter welt for a bit of contrast!

Linen Throw

To drape on a chair or layer at the end of a bed, this Linen Throw blanket embodies a soft and subtle texture so your guests can lounge in style.

The Porter Side Table 

This petite side table is a go-to piece for bedrooms. Arriving fully assembled with a sleek upholstered finish, this large size Porter Side Table fits perfectly between two twin beds!  

For a touch of elated blue, we dressed this table in Como, Robins Egg.

The Euro Pillow

This Faux Shearling 26x26 Euro Pillow pairs perfectly with the slim silhouette of our Twin Crown Bed. We recommend using just one of these gorgeous pillows so you can add a small Bolster!

The Bolster Pillow

Speaking of bolster pillows! This 8x24 small Bolster Pillow, adorned by Tic Tac Toe, Natural, is the perfect little accessory for any space. From sofas to beds, we love fluffing the place up with  extra pillows!

Matte Bronze Table Lamp

To integrate warmer tones, we chose this matte brown lamp from Visual Comfort. The abstract shape of this lamp adds depth and dimension to your table top! 

The Finer Things

Taking table books to the next level! With gold shimmer and 3D texture, this coffee table book by Christiane Lemieux will sit perfectly on our Porter Side Table!

Hair On Hide Basket

Perfect for blankets or books. Fill this little basket up with all your essentials and place it next to a sofa or table! 

Large Peony Bowl

For those who appreciate practical accessories that still add style…This large peony bowl by Jamie Young is great for any space! Fill with flowers or place on a stack of books. This little bowl can do it all!

Metal Decorative Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to fill up blank walls, in a functional way. This gold mirror with leaf detail has a luxurious look with an affordable price! 

Tortoise Tic Tac Toe Block

This little game block might be pretty, but it's also fun! With gold detail and a tortoise base, these little gems from Regina Andrew are perfect for any room!