Coley Home Spotlight: Lilly Sisto

Meet Lilly! Based in New York, Lilly works in Fashion PR and is one of our favorite style mavens. We can’t get enough of her effortlessly chic taste and her savvy small space apartment design! Tap through to learn more about Lilly.

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I am Lilly and I am 28 years old and live in New York City working full time in Fashion PR while also creating content and styling in my free time.

You recently moved to a new apartment in NYC and selected the Crown Bed in Luxe Velvet, Shadow! Walk us through the design process.

I was immediately drawn to this color and knew I wanted a velvet bed. I knew it would look good in any space I put it in and also that I will have it forever. 

I love that it is a mix between a dark grey and a bit of a brown. It is just the coolest color, and when you add bedding, the color really pops. It was so hard deciding on the shape of the headboard but went with one I know will never go out of style!

Any space-saving techniques for small New York apartments?

Oh my goodness- so many! I have really learned how to minimize and get rid of things you do not need. I also installed a clothing rack on the wall for more closet space- and yes I do keep shoes in my oven!

Your style is absolutely effortless, and we are obsessed! Where are your favorite places to shop?

I have recently been really drawn to only purchasing vintage or second hand items and I love looking online for this at places like the real real, depop, poshmark but in person there are great vintage stores in Brooklyn. In London and Paris especially, thats where I find the best pieces. My favorite vintage store in London is called Pandora's Dressing Agency.

How did your time working in press and partnerships at LoveShackFancy influence your style in both interiors and fashion?

Working at LoveShackFancy completely influenced my style because I would incorporate those pieces into my wardrobe and put the Lilly spin on it. Interiors especially because Rebecca has such an amazing eye for sourcing cool home items and especially for the stores and even our offices.

Go-to places for design inspiration?

Instagram and magazines! I love reading Arch Digest, House Beautiful and stumbling across different home accounts.

Favorite restaurant in New York? Palm Beach?

New York

Palm Beach:

Dream travel destination?


Favorite book or TV show at the moment?