Kinloch Interiors

In 2013, Frances Kinloch Still founded Kinloch Interiors, LLC in Greenville, SC. Since then, we have been obsessed with her fabulous, colorful style! To learn more about Frances, read below: 

Tell us about yourself and how you started your design career! 

I live in Greenville, SC with my husband, 2 sweet kiddos and my dog, Noodle. My mom was passionate about design and sold antique furniture when we were growing up. Interior Design school led me to fall for modern design, but I never lost my love for traditional and antiques. Mixing modern and traditional styles with lots of color to create something unique and different is my signature. 

Who/what are your main sources of inspiration? 

I find inspiration from traveling, magazines, fashion, instagram, interior design books, etc. I am constantly on the hunt for new information, ideas, colors schemes, shapes, etc. 

You do commercial and residential design! What is your favorite part of each? Your least favorite? 

I love doing both residential and commercial, yet they are so different. With residential design, I love getting to know my clients and creating a design specific to their style and their family. Designing someone's haven is a special and rewarding experience. My least favorite part of residential is there are more limitations as far as what you can do. I love doing commercial design because the design is more about creating an experience for clients and customers as opposed to just one client. You can go wild and crazy with commercial design because it isn’t someone’s home. My least favorite part is that the stakes are higher, as someone’s business is dependent upon the functionality you create and that can be stressful. 

If a client is on a strict budget, what are your favorite cost-effective ways to add a big impact?

 I would say paint and pillows. They are two of the smallest investments you make in a room and can be the most impactful.

You recently designed Teeny Swivels for a boutique! Can you talk us through the design process? 

 I recently designed Monkee’s of the West End here in Greenville, SC. It is the go-to boutique here for women of all ages! As far as the design process, my main goal was for the shoppers to feel fabulous, and like they are shopping in NYC. We made it chic, but also wanted to make it special and unique by adding color, wallpaper, and artwork! The custom teeny swivel chairs in a lilac velvet fabric were the perfect spot for customers to try on shoes or wait on friends or family while shopping.

Favorite recipe (food or drink, your choice!) 

Right now I am obsessed with Palomas. Recipe: Casamigos Tequila Blanco, Grapefruit juice, with a splash of sparkling water, and lime juice. **Salt rim optional. Food: I really love any recipe from and I love comfort food recipes that have been lightened up! These recipes are something my whole family can enjoy! 

Most inspiring place you have traveled? 

Santorini, Greece. It truly is another world. All of the blue and white architecture that was carved out of the side of a cliff is truly inspirational. 

Favorite wall paint color? Brand? 

Farrow and Ball; Calluna is a favorite. It is interesting but subtle and can be used in so many different spaces and applications. I recently painted a twin girls’ bath vanity Cinder Rose and loved how it turned out!

Item(s) on your bedside table you can’t live without? I am obsessed with Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream. A water, my phone, and design magazines.