Scheme of the Week: Spring Feeling

The flowers are in bloom, and we’re getting our homes ready for spring!  We combined our fun prints and beautiful solids in this space to create a fresh, bright living room. Read the blog to learn more about this springtime-inspired space!

The Upholstered Hadley Sofa

Our Hadley Sofa is the perfect starting point to this living room. With its beautiful curves and timeless details, it’s sure to be a mainstay in your home! We used Ticking, Dove here to add a subtle pattern.

The Biggie Swivel

Bringing in our Lizzy, Moss pattern to add a pop of color and florals to this space is easy with the Biggie Swivel! Our Biggie Swivel is the larger version of our popular Teeny Swivel, and it’s the perfect accent chair in this space.

The Milla Swivel

Add more seating and movement to your living room with the Milla Swivels! To bring out the pink details of Lizzy, Moss, we used Rattan, Rose Quartz. We adding a Ticking, Dove welt to perfectly tie in the Hadley Sofa! We love how a contrast welt adds an extra touch of customization to each piece.

The Deco Pillow

No room is complete without pillows! We created Deco Pillows in Ditsy, Harbor to add depth and color to the space. We also added Reynolds, Lime to tie in the greens from the room to feel complete!

Riviera Waterfall Console

How incredible is this coffee table? With its rattan texture and modern silhouette, it’s the perfect addition to this space filled with traditional details.

"Red Horse"

This beautiful piece by Tony Hernandez is the perfect way to add visual interest to the space! We’re in love with how Hernandez uses incredible shading and details to bring subjects to life.

Hidell Brooks Gallery is a great place to look for dynamic pieces, as they offer a wealth of variety and fabulous artists! We have a few of their pieces available for purchase in our showroom, and we couldn’t be more obsessed!

Buxus Potted Topiary

Add a touch of greenery to your space with this incredible topiary from Wisteria! We love the height of this plant, making it the perfect way to add some dimension to your space.

Lena Pendant

This light fixture from Mitzi offers a lantern look, perfect for brightening up this room. We love the elegant simplicity of this piece.

Gold Tree Statue

We completed this room with this golden tree from La Maison. We love the unique details and how it brings visual interest to the space.