The Crown Bed 101

Thinking about purchasing the Crown Bed? We are answering all of the FAQs from our potential customers here!

It's true. The Crown Bed is unlike any bed you've ever seen before!  The secret ingredients? Our durable foam slipcovered headboard, our easy-to-assemble upholstered bed frame, and our diverse collection of high quality fabrics sourced from some of the finest mills around the world. Read through these FAQs to learn a little more about our Crown Bed!

Q: How will my bed arrive?
A: The Crown Bed arrives in UPS boxes directly to your front door. There is a separate box for the custom upholstered bed frame, slipcovered headboard, and mattress. (Our memory foam mattress is sold separately from the Crown Bed). 

Our crown headboard is compressed into a small box and shipped via UPS in less than 10 days.

Q: The headboard arrives in a box? How does it work?
A: Our custom slipcovered headboard is made of durable, expanding foam. We compress it in our facility to fit inside the UPS box. Once it arrives at your door, remove the packaging, and let it expand. Watch it resiliently come back to life, then slip on your custom cover and place against your wall. See this video to watch the magic happen!

Q: Does the headboard attach to the bed frame?
A: No! Because it is constructed of extremely durable (but still lightweight) foam, the headboard stands up with support of your wall and the bed frame. Once installed tightly between your bed frame and wall, it will not shift or move. It truly works like magic!

Q: What's the turn-around time?
A: Once your order is placed, the Crown Bed ships out in about 10 business days or less. To put it in perspective, typical custom upholstered furniture can take 6-8 weeks (or longer) to arrive!

Q: I already have a bed frame. Can I just order a headboard?
A: Of course! Our Crown Headboard is compatible with most standard bed frames. Just add your favorite bed skirt! Plus, if you prefer the sleek "bed frame only" look, we offer that as well!

Q: Do I need a box spring with The Crown Bed Frame?
A: No! The bed frame is platform and comes with supportive slats, so no box spring is needed.

Q: How much room is under the bed for storage?
A: 9.25 inches from the floor to the frame.

Q: What if I get a stain?
A: Don't sweat it! We suggest using a mild water-free solvent to spot clean stains. The Laundress makes a great one! For an overall clean, we suggest dry cleaning your slipcover.

Q: Do you offer any performance fabrics?
A: Yes! Each of our Luxe Velvets are performance along with the Rattan, Natural.

Q: Why are some fabrics more expensive than others?
A: While all of our fabrics are sourced from some of the finest mills around the globe, some are just a little bit more luxurious than others. We carry 4 grades: A, B, C, and D. A is the most economical and D is the most luxurious!

Q: How do I start designing? There are so many choices!
A: Order a set of 6 free swatches! See and feel the fabrics in your own home before making your final decision. Select fabrics for your slipcover, piping detail, and throw pillows!

Other questions? Send an email to We are happy to help!